Frequently Asked Questions

If you are using our service with a router, and there is a temporary disruption of service, we strongly advise that you do not press the “reset” button on your router, as that can potentially erase the credentials installed by our installer, in order to connect to our services. In the event of a disruption, simply power-cycle your devices (unplug the power to our device and your router for 60 seconds, and plug them back in -- this will NOT erase your router’s settings, which will still enable you to connect to our service once power is restored.)

If router settings are reset and require a technician to reprogram your router, an additional service fee may be incurred.

If it seems like your internet speed is slow there are a couple of things to remember:
  • Unless otherwise stated speeds are up to,but not gaurenteed
  • During peak times it is possible that you will see a slow down due to high demand
  • If you are doing any sort of downloading while running a speed test the speed test will not be accurate

In the future we are looking at letting the customer see how much traffic they have been using via the customer portal.